You create the success at OpenEdge

San Bernardino County has a fast-growing professional environment; and even as we relocated we wanted an effective platform of communities to recruit from. Our onboarding practice takes new hires and immerses them in our culture starting day one: where they interact with consumers and companies to create customer acquisition solutions. This “start from the bottom” mentality builds trust in our clients, and solidarity in our training.


Outreach and Events Roles

Each of our managers started their careers with our firm, so they understand all that’s involved in attaining goals and becoming a recognized leader. That being said, our outreach positions focus on the customer first - engaging and connecting community members together.


Customer Service

No great company operates without high standards in customer and client services. Not only do our employees constantly find solutions in and out of the markets - but our training program allows for exceptional service drawing from the idea that a positive attitude is fundamental.


Opportunities in Management Training

At OpenEdge, we take pride in forging connections that will serve us throughout our careers. Our firm’s first employees started in the San Francisco Bay Area, and relocated to inspire growth in SoCal for our client’s. Who knows where future managers can expand to next!


Marketing Roles

These experts are the links between our brands and the public. Client and product knowledge are at the utmost here - where every one of our marketers work in teams to ensure mutual success. In this role the marketer is responsible for offering input during meetings and is tasked with achieving aggressive conversion goals and high survivor rate thresholds.


Assistant Director and Account Management

These team members act as liaisons between the marketing team and brands at large - as we look to expand for our clients. At the end of the day - customer and consumer engagement is a high priority. Throughout that growth - Account Directors can assist in the hiring process, and will begin to learn the backend of our client operations. These leaders in our business are the foundation in which we stand on.


Growth through Expansion and Company Trips

We love to have fun at OpenEdge! From regional training to tropical retreats, these adventures allow us to get to know one another as we enjoy rewarding perks for our hard work and dedication. Adventure is here for the taking!


OpenEdge has the perfect culture and opportunities for go-getters seeking satisfying careers. Anyone who is personable, ambitious, and self-motivated will find a professional home with us. Send your resume to for more information. ore

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